Process Service Dispatch Scam

Process Service Dispatch Scam. They know where you are, what your address is, and they will just show up. This company has called me continuously at my place of employment and home stating that they are going to file legal action against me.

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Process service dispatch scam other my sister received messages on her phone, on phones of two of her daughters that are under her name, and at her place of work from people purporting to be from process service dispatch who claim they have process to serve her relating to $10k on a credit card with a bank she doesn't have an account with. A standard american armed with the resources and information found here will be able to determine whether they are victim to a process service fraud. Process servers very, very, very rarely will call first.

The Complaint Has Been Investigated And Resolved To The Customer’s Satisfaction.

Don't talk to these crooks, they will just keep calling. Failing to get in contact with our legal. The debt has been turned over to law enforcement for debt collection.

This Was The Third Call To My Workplace After Calls To Several Of My Family Members.

Avoid becoming a victim of a scam. This is a process server scam. In today's technological world, the criminals have access to more potential victims than ever before.

This Description Is Strongly Suspicious For Scam.

They want to scare and threaten you into paying a debt you do not owe. Don’t allow yourself to be victimized by this new scam. A real, licensed process server will never ask for your bank account information under any circumstance.

I Received 3 Phone Calls Within 5 Minutes From A Blocked Number.

This call is to notify v****** ***** that two attempts will be made to issue out a summons to appear in court for the current residence on file. Now if any changes that need to be made to the time date or location of delivery. If a process server ever asks you to give them money, it’s a scam.

A Quick Google/Bing Of The Name Reveals Other Reports Of This Scam.

In today's litigious society, almost anyone could be sued, and that's what makes a pernicious malware scam so effective. Process servers very, very, very rarely will call first. The phone scam includes informing a target that he owes a debt.