Others. Answered may 10, 2016 at 10:03. Any other person would tell the truth.

Why Showing Respect for Others Is Important for a Healthy
Why Showing Respect for Others Is Important for a Healthy from helpfulbynature.com

His other books are still in storage. He and one other person. Being the remaining ones of several:

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A Woman Who Lives In Her Darkened Old Family House With Her Two Photosensitive Children Becomes Convinced That The Home Is Haunted.

She never thinks about other people. The pos­ses­sive form in eng­lish is formed by adding ’s at the end of a noun, un­less it is a plural noun, in which case we write just. Being the remaining ones of several:

I Kept Two Special Jars And Threw Away All The Others.

Often “(the) others” refers to “(the) other. What the others could have contributed. Other definition, additional or further:

3 I Have Checked All Of My Students' Paper Doesn't Make Sense (It Would Only Work If Paper Were Being Used As A Mass Noun).

Others arrived the following day. She has bought another car. Download software in the others category.

Those Remaining After One Or More People Or Items Have Left, Or Done Something Else, Or Been Excluded.

Other, others, the other or another ? Two decided to hide, the others surrendered. | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples